Hawk Dok to the rescue… We will help you fight the virus!


Our Vision

Here at Hawk Dok we want to kill every virus that comes our way. And to help give the lives back that they tried to destroy. Our product will start working soon as you rub it on. Not only is our salve all natural(no acid) its safer for your skin. Our goal is to save as many lives as we can.

Our Story

In the past seven years we have been studying how to make a natural salve without hurting you. And to make it safe to use anywhere on your body (you can even eat our salve) and internally.  We are very proud at Hawk Dok and we only produce the best on the market. We don’t settle for anything less here at Hawk Dok and you shouldn’t either. Take your life back today with Hawk Dok

Meet the Team

Great things are never done with one person. They’re done by an elite team putting in a group effort. We are all about team work and helping each other. Our strong and dependable team is coming up with new ways to help others everyday here at Hawk Dok.

Chris Haines

Founder & CEO

Chris is our Hawk Dok founder and CEO. Hawk Dok saved his mouth

Chris used to be a chewer of 35 years, He knew it was a bad habit but just couldn’t stop chewing. It didn’t matter how bad it burned his lip or gum’s, he always wanted that pleasure of the smokeless tobacco. After white spot’s in his mouth and his gum’s deteriorating he knew he needed to find a way to save his mouth before it got cut off. So through the years he studied and finally came up with Hawk Dok’s Natural Salve that is safe to use all over the body.