Please use small amounts the first time you apply the Hawk Dok and thicker if needed. Mix well. Apply with a Q-tip or clean finger once a day. Apply first dose a couple of hours before you go to bed. If possible, bathe in the morning with a little Epsom salt to clean and loosen up the area. Sea salt also works well to help clean and aid the area. Apply Hawk Dok Skin Soothing Salve throughout the day to keep it clean and moist. If the Hawk Dok is too strong for your skin then reduce the amount by adding it to a little bit of Hawk Dok Skin Soothing Salve. It’s ok to apply every other day or to take a break and restart. Hawk Dok digs deep down to get it all. Pads and or a large band aid comes in handy to protect your clothes for the first couple of days after first treatment. Some people may experience swelling, redness, white rings, or pain from Hawk Dok removing deep roots (dead cells) and pulling them out of the body. White and black heads will appear, more warts will be pulled out as warts are falling off. Your skin will start to rejuvenate and become healthy again. Men: apply to penis, scrotum, and anus; Women: apply in and around the vaginal area and anus.