Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Hawk Dok is for the one who knows it's not a race but it's a time to clean the body. Hawk Dok is for the person that wants to know how the good and bad Amino Acids work that feed and starve warts and herpes. Hawk Dok is for the person that wants to change there LIFE

Rub on the Dok

Skin Soothing Salve

Rub on the area to keep moist and to dilute the Hawk Dok if needed

If the Hawk Dok is a little bit to strong reduce it down with Hawk Dok Skin Soothing Salve FREE bottle with purchase

Premium Blend

Premium Blend is the lowest strength for sensitive skin

It’s just good old fashion   organic herbs blended just rite

Hawk Dok's killing warts

Extra Strength

Extra Strength fast penetration knock out power

Extra Strength number one Seller

Practice makes perfect

Learn what makes your body work. It’s not a race it’s a time to learn and clean the body

The best ways to clean up

Hawk Dok Extra Strength works best with Hawk Dok Super Lysine and Hawk Dok Bloodroot virus fighter 

Stop the HVP warts before this happens

Clean up from the very best